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One of the oldest sabha in Inida, founded in the year 1914 and waiting on the wings to celebrate the centenary in ensuing year. On 12th Jan 1935 the foundation was laid by collector Mr. Cook. In 1974 Rasika Ranjana Sabha was   READ MORE


Carnatic tradition is known for its complex rhythms and melodies, based on the classical Indian frameworks of talas and ragas. The most popular instruments used in Carnatic performances include vocals, mridangam, ghatam, kanjira, santoor, flute, tanpura, and veena.

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“Classical Carnatic music is but the continuance of ancient Indian music as it was prior to the advent of Persian influence and the attendant evolution of the Hindustani style. The Tamil areas in the South had from pre-historic times a well-developed, scientific, distinct style known as Pann. The Indian (later called the ‘Carnatic’ from the days of the work Manasollasa) and the Tamil Pann had coalesced invisibly during the middle ages and presently the South has the Carnatic music and the North has the Hindustani music – of course, both raga -based with common and distinct features.”

— N. Rajagopalan, in “Another Garland (Biographical Dictionary of Carnatic Composers & Musicians) (Book II)”, in Preface